MRSA: Survival in Adaptation

by christina on November 12, 2006

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The documentary, MRSA: Survival in Adaptation is being produced by The Hands of Hope Group.

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TBellah May 5, 2008 at 9:35 pm

Hello… my husband was diagnosed with mrsa in january, and had three “rounds” of antibiotics (oral)… for a total of 30 days. We thought it “went away”… until just a few days ago, he got the “bug bite”, and a lot of redness. He went to the ER that day. They gave him oral antibiotics. Two days later, he was back at ER and got IV of antibiotic (not sure what the name is). Today they had him come back, and gave him another IV. They started Clendomyacin (?) as well this evening. They’ve talked all day about doing an xray of his leg (which is very red, and swelling). He doesn’t have much of a “sore”, was just a very small pimple-looking thing on the back of his knee. When he had this in January, it seemed much worse, and he had a large open wound from it on his knee (pretty disgusting). Anyway, they have talked of the possibility that it is in his bones (reason for xray). I have not heard back yet of those results (or if they have even done the xray yet). What would it mean if it is in his bone? We have three small kids (4,6,8). The kids and I have not shown any signs. I didn’t know this is a “lifelong” problem… I have read many of the postings… I am scared about the severity of this bacteria. I see him in so much pain, I fear for the kids, if they were to get this too. I have taken notes from the postings about taking certain supplements, and washing a lot… I also read a post about this being transferred through sweat? Should I expect that we would get mrsa from my husbands sweat ? (or other body fluids, for that matter?) A kiss? a hug? Could this really happen? Thanks so much for any input.

jean May 7, 2008 at 7:43 am


Did you husband’s doctor order 3 wound cultures after your husband’s 3 rounds of antibiotics to make sure the MRSA was gone? The wound should be cultured and the tests should come back negative.

When I worked in the E.R. most patients with a positive culture were admitted that day to the hospital for IV treatment of antibiotics, not pill form.

The spider bite is a text book description of how MRSA is recognized in most hospitals.

If you husband is a carrier or colonizing the bacteria, The MOST IMPORTANT way to eradicate MRSA in the home is for your husband to make sure and wash his hands with soap and warm water after he blows (picks) his nose and properly dispose of the klenex. Make sure his clothes where the wound is touching the clothes are washed with soap and hot water. Make sure he does not touch any counter tops, couch, chair, etc.. after he touches the wound or if he is a carrier after he touches his underarms, etc.. without washing his hands first.

If his would is open and draining the drainage from the would is contagious and you and the children can catch MRSA if you have an open cut and touch the drainage. MAKE SURE the wound is covered. MAKE sure your husband is going to the doctor for follow ups regarding the wound. Gloves should be worn when cleaning the wound.

If he or anyone in your family is a carrier or said to be colonizing MRSA, the clothes should be washed in hot water to kill MRSA. MRSA lives 90 days (ughh!!)

He should have had a nasal swab done to see if he colonizes MRSA. You and the kids should have a nasal swab done of your nose.

If any of the family members are a carrier, and another family member has a cut and touches the family member that is a carrier in an area where the bacteria colonizes, the MRSA bacteria can go into the open cut and that person becomes infected with the MRSA.

If anyone is a carrier, there are treatments to eradicate it from your nose and daily washes to eradicate it from under your arms, groin area, breast area, and genital areas.

If anyone is colonizing MRSA and don’t eradicate it from these areas , you, your husband or children can get the bacteria.

If his MRSA has gone into the soft tissue, bone, the doctors will have to find the right antibiotic to kill MRSA. THIS IS WHY it is so important for the doctors to do their job and culture the wound and see what antibiotics kill the bacteria in the culture.

The problem we have with MRSA is most doctors and society don’t understand how bad MRSA is.

The doctors get it confused with normal Staph. The doctors will state we all have staph on our bodies. THIS IS TRUE, but MRSA is a strain of Staph. The staph we all have on our bodies can be killed by Methacilin. MRSA is a strain of Staph that Methacillin will not kill. So the doctors act as if it is not a big deal. IT IS A BIG DEAL. It is contagious!!

As far as sweat and being contagious, MRSA is in that wound and if he is sweating and the sweat comes off that wound and you have an open cut and touch the sweat you can become contagious.

How MRSA is transferred in locker rooms through sweat, etc.. is related to the MRSA being
colonized and being transferred from under arms, groin on benches, towels, mats, etc.. or a sore that is oozing.

hope this helps.. a simple kiss, will not cause you and your children to get this bug.. safety and eliminating it from you home and environment is the best treatment..

Veronica May 22, 2008 at 3:56 pm

Hello everyone, I have read through almost everyones comments and inputs and I must say it made me feel better to know how many people out there are going through this too. I just recentley noticed my second outbreak of MRSA about 2 -3 weeks ago, I was in the hospital for pneumonia and what do you know this damned bug has popped back up again. I m just wondering if anyone knows of a tie between MRSA and pneumonia. My thoughts were my immune system was at such a low the infection came back ( I previously had this end of jan) but when I mentioned this to my doctor he brushed the idea off. Also when I went to see him I had my nose covered in blisters which is so uncomforable and a pimple like sore on my thigh, now it has traveled to my armpits, legs, face and even areas where your bathing suit covers. I am without health insurence and my doctor told me to just use triuple antibiotic ointment and that everone seems to have MRSA. I wasnt too happy with that anwser and gave it a few days , no luck, still spots popping up everywhere. I was prescibed bactrim and that was what i was originally onback in late Jan. Im just curious about any homepathic remedys and which meds seems to work best. I hear a lot about Vancomycin however it seems that is only IV form that helps , and if anyone has any thoughts of the pneumonia tying in please help me. Im so stressed out right now and I know its not helping me get better. Im only 26.

judi May 22, 2008 at 4:29 pm

Veronica, PLEASE go and get some tea tree oil, i found it very effective in healing the mrsa sores. soak in a warm tub as often as you can. my last outbreak was about 18 months ago, at that time i was given bactrim, steroids and lortabs (boy, did i need them). i treated the sores several times a day with tea tree oil and drained them as often as able. getting that junk out is key to ending the pain, then cleans ewith peroxide and treat with tea tree oil again. God bless you, hope the pain ends soon for you

Karen May 26, 2008 at 1:14 am

I have read the stories here and I am deeply concerned. I don’t have MRSA, but I wanted to know about it and what it is. I’ve heard and read stories of death and survival. It’s heart breaking that something like this even exists. I have found something that I would like to share with all who have MRSA in hopes it helps! Someone wanted to know about natural remedies and I found one. I typed in Natural Remedies for MRSA on my tool bar and this is what I found…Manuka Honey has been tested on MRSA and is found to actually stop it from dividing in the cells when added topically to a boil or infected area. This comes from it’s listed as number 7 of benefits… Manuka Honey can heal Staph infections and destroy antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria such as MRSA and VRE. I hope this can help. I’ll keep looking for more and add them! God Bless All Of You and Your In My Prayers!

Erin Ayton May 27, 2008 at 8:19 am

I caught Mrsa from my 22 yr. old Husband and My 2 yr. old son, I had my first outbreak in April 08, I have had 6 all together and its only May… My husband caught it from a Military Hospital, After he had knee surgery!! My 2 yr. old had his first outbreak in March, and has 2 outbreaks since then! My husband caught it in July of 07′ and now he has had over 18 outbreaks! I just dont know what to do anymore! Its so painful, We put a claim in with the Army, hoping to get some kinda compsentation out of all this! Im just so FED up! We have to leave with this for the rest of our lives! And everyone/DOCTORS is acting like its no big deal, and are brushing it off…

amanda May 27, 2008 at 11:52 am

hi !! i have MRSA. i contracted it from the hospital i work at! they are trying to punish me for the work ive missed from the infection. I HAVE HAD SUCCESS TREATING MY BOILS WITH TEA TREE OIL(GNC) AND USING TEA TREE OIL SOAP ON MY BODY. ALSO PLEASE DONT SHAVE OR USE MAKEUP YOU INTEND TO KEEP ON A BOIL – YOULL REINFECT YOURSELF IN ANOTHER SPOT. email me at amandaschneirs@yahoo with any suggestions or questions and ill do my best to try and help. i personally avoid antibiotics as much as possible(thats how we got in this mess right) .

Lucy June 11, 2008 at 11:13 am

Hello everyone – I have just read everyone’s posts and must say I am absolutely mortified! My daughter of 2 was not diagnosed with MRSA but has every single symptom! She started with the boils in her diaper area, treated with antiboitics, warm compresses and finally drained on its own…the first time. She developed a few others – then got a egg sized one on her little bottom. She was miserable – she had a high fever, and had to take her to ER. While she was being checked in, they asked if she had (what now may be) MRSA but I had never heard of that and said no. It had to be lanced and drained. I couldn’t see what came out since I was trying to calm her , but my husband said it was disgusting green/ black pus. she has not had another since, but she does get really hard green ‘snots’ in her nose. It is definitely not regular mucous. What is the correlation with the nose and boils on the body? She is the only one in our family to get them and we have not pets.

Tammy July 8, 2008 at 6:36 pm

I read most of the comments here. I have had MRSA off and on for 4 yrs. Just recently flared up again and found that a product called Staphaseptic made by TecLab (ointment ) made specifically for MRSA infections. After the first treatment the sore started going away. It also seems to help with the pain and soreness that goes along with this bacteria. Hope this helps someone. I found it at Walgreen.

Sarah July 9, 2008 at 5:27 pm

Staphaseptic does appear to be rather effective on MRSA sores or boils as well as on open wounds due to the infection (as long as they’re not very deep). I live and work on an animal sanctuary, so Staphaseptic is really helpful at treating any cut I get that could develop a new infection. This topical medicine is a gel that dries into a light, clear skin covering.
I’m also trying to move away from mainstream treatments (as many of them have led to the staph bacteria evolving into MRSA). I’ve begun using Australian Tea tree oil topically. It’s intense, and appears to draw infection out of the skin. It also kills bacteria. I’ve also found goldenseal to be effective at helping skin to regrow over deep wounds (like I had due to the infection). I also make sure to get plenty of vitamin C and take immune boosting herbs and tinctures to help my body fight off the infections that may spread when my main MRSA would acts up.
Health and love to everyone.
P.s. 2 things I’ve found: The sun can aggravate healing MRSA wounds and boils. So use a high SPF or better yet, cover wounds. I bet some sun is good as it helps with cell turn over, but more than 15 minutes makes my main would act up.
2: Here’s an obvious one. Staying positive always helps.

Caylee July 14, 2008 at 9:36 pm

Hello All! I have also been diagnosed. I went to an infectious disease specialist. He told me many things to help slow down the outbreaks: (1) Use bath soaps/body soaps that contain antibacterials such as triclosan – DIAL is the one that I use. The triclosan is what kills/cleans the bacteria on the skin. Soaps such as Oil of Olay, Bath & Body Works, etc that don’t contain that ingredient basically just pushes the dirt around on your skin. (2) Never use the same bath rag/puff more than once without washing it. (3) Sweat is an incredible opportunity for the outbreaks to occur. When your pores open up while sweating, that gives the MRSA a perfect chance to pop up – so anytime you sweat in the slightest way – SHOWER!! Also, baths are not good for MRSA. You can take one to soak, like many of you are, but make sure you shower afterward, or you’re leaving the bacteria sitting on your skin that was floating around in the bath water. I hope this helps!! These have helped me…my outbreaks have been fewer and far between…and have lasted for a MUCH shorter time.

Dean Upchurch July 29, 2008 at 5:02 pm


I have just been diagnosed with MRSA, and put on a round of anibiotics (Bactron DS) by my family doctor. Should I go to a specialist or let the treatment of just this antibiotic and see if it works? After reading the horror stories I am scared to death, not only for me but my wife and you child of 8. Please help me, and give me some advice. Thank you and my prayers are with all of you.

kathy August 20, 2008 at 5:31 am

Just thought everyone should know… there are antimicrobial products available to coat surfaces. Thus, preventing the growth of bacteria, mold, fungus, etc. These products are waterbased and do not leach metals or chemicals.
Check out for more info.
We should all insist that very school, hospital, nursing home and gym be using these types of products. This technology has been out for over 30 years, it is time to wake up the CDC and State Health Depts., by making them aware of this technology.
My husband died just over two years ago from MRSA. Since then, I have made it my life’s work to educate myself on how to protect my family and community.
You many also want to research colloidal silver, tea tree oil, and coconut oil, all natural products that have antibacterial properties. God created wonderful natural remedies that big phama doesn’t want you to know.
Best of luck in protecting your family and community. If we all work together we can make a difference.

richard September 23, 2008 at 8:54 am

Use colloida silver both internally and topically. Do research to get the best product.

Kathleen September 27, 2008 at 6:56 am

My sons girlfriend whom is 14 was recently dx with mrsa. She was dx about 1wk ago. Throughout this wk she developed severe headache, vomitting and fever as high as 103. Her parents kept telling me it was an allergic reaction to the meds she was on. Last night they finally took her to a different hospital after I downloaded info on mrsa. The hospital dr. was very upset to say the least. They admitted her and he told her parents that she should have been admitted 3 weeks ago. I am concerned about my sons exposure to the infection. He has severe asthma and is on meds for it, but for him to get the common cold can become serious for him. What about the mrsa? I plan on calling his dr. on Monday. Any advice

Marissa October 28, 2008 at 12:34 pm

My son is 2 years old and is on his 4th mrsa bump. The latest one is on his bottom and hurts so bad that he will not sit down. I was able to get some of the pus out but it is still hurting him. We went to the doctor today and she did not give him bactrim because she had to give him another antibiotic because he also has strep throat. She said to use bactroban cream (on him and in our noses)and give him clorox baths. She said it didn’t look to bad to drain and to come back in 5 days if it didn’t get better with the bactroban and the baths. Is there anything else I can do? HELP!

JoAnn December 6, 2009 at 5:37 am

On Dec 28,2006 Josh left a comment that his 24 year old brother has MRSA in his lungs and his organs are shutting dow. Does any one know if his brother is ok now?My reason for asking is,my step grandson was put in ICU a month ago and we were told he had swine flu. Two days later they put him in an induced coma.They tried to get him stable enough to fly him to Seattle childrens hospital but couldn’t. A doctor from Seattle flew to Idaho. With a few tests he said it wasn’t swine flu it was a rare blood desease,a few days later they said he has MRSA in his lungs. The fa,ily was called to the hospital this past Monday to say good bye to him.He’s still fighting for his life,he’s 14 yrs old.

Shirley December 21, 2009 at 9:01 pm

My grandchildren have mrsa.We wanted answers and cure besides antibiodics given to them which had reactions to.Went to central market and was given some hope.Take Green Vibrance daily.taste bad but good for you.Chlorophyll…take by mouth and apply to abscess. also add omega 3 fish oil.Also we are trying Sovereign silver and putting it on my 16 month grandson infection. Read about these online and decide for yourself.I’m willing to try anything since no good answers from Dr. You can also take diluted bleach bath help with abcess

Kathleen January 24, 2010 at 2:10 pm


I work as a cook in a nursing home. One of our residents has MRSA. We were told that the dietary staff does not need to take any precautions handling his silverware, dishes, cups tray etc. Is this true?

william a. kayser February 19, 2010 at 6:26 pm

I got a MRSA infection about 5 months ago, have not had any new outbreaks to date. I believe my success is due to the natural antibiotics I now take daily and the daily prevention I use to keep my family safe. MRSA is getting smarter so we need to learn how to keep our loved ones from harms way

Peggy Dillard March 9, 2010 at 9:51 pm

My niece passed last year from what we were told was MRSA. She went to the hospital for breathing problems was sent home returned flu like symptoms that turned into pneumonia, later they said she had MRSA and was placed on life support (eckmo machine). She passed away one year ago this month. My prayers are with you, it was traumatizing what our family had to go through we are still in counseling. The best advice is to wash hands and to be adamant about being checked with the right testing to make sure of a correct diagnosis. Had she not been sent home she probably would still be here today. Most emergency rooms now do not check thoroughly for MRSA. Some cases are dismissed as viral infections and told to let run it’s course. If you are infected be sure to sterilize everything in your home it is contagious if it is the community bacteria strain, a lot of times you can contract it from hospitals and nursing homes or other institutions such as school and exercise facilities.

Liz April 28, 2010 at 1:41 am

all of these questions and not one answer..amazing! I guess when there is a real cure we will know by media and I’m sure it will be costly! My family has this as well and it is very sad that something that is as simple as a skin boil cannot be cured! I find it hard to believe that there is not a cure..I think there has to be and they are not telling us! I have never met a doctor with mrsa I find that very strange since they work in mrsa infected hospitals. I think there are secrets our there that are not being released. I could sound crazy but this is how I feel!

Ace banger, The Guru July 2, 2010 at 10:00 pm

I have found a product that is old school and can be asked for over the counter at most RX… Its called GOLDLINE … Ichthammolointment … its BlackTar, smells like crap, But , I a self Dio, Dont do Dr.’s More people get MRSA from a Hospital than NOT, also, I have been dealing with this for 10 days, everyone has told me to do just about everything said HERE, well this site goes back to 2006, this is 2010, I’d say what “THEY” are doing is NOT working, I believe a few things are the cause, Modern WarFair on Humans, Bad Diets, ie: ( JUNK FOOD) Processed Foods, Get back to naturals, Fruit/Veggies, green teas, PH BALANCER’S … Put in water, I did NOT lance, have been using Peroxide to clean, Hot Showers,wear cothes ONCE and wash HOT & Bleach, you can bleach colored clothes just dont use a much as for whites and mix with soap and let fill then put clothes in, cover at night and wear sweat pants to bed to keep off sheets, I keep open during day, applying peroxide gause thru out just pokin,squeesin,cleaning, when it comes up and spilts, white booger like stuff will show, pull thids out, not over doing it, just keep workin at IT, Put the Black Tar on at night for 6-10 hours, this draws the poison out and helps with the drainage, WHITE,CLEAR & BLOOD are GOOD signs, yellow,green,black, NOT Good, see Doc. otherwise stay at home, being active makes it bleed out, by NOT taking Anti’s & IV’s, You can BUILD your Own Immunes and NOT beat your system down with Man made poison RX … ALL RX is Poison, and target the Kiddneys,liver …
Their is a War on for your Life, Some Believe that the Lines in the Sky’s, CHEMTRAILS are to Blame, Google, CHEMTRAILS AND MRSA, we are being Sprayed by Our Own Government !!!
Learn More about what “THEY” are doing to us to try and Lower, birth rates and Population
at >>> http://shount,
So far this Regimine is working from the time it grew over night to me starting this PLAN, IT went from a silver dollor and a 1/2 inch tall to a .50 cent piece and 1/4 inch, in 2 days …
The 3 KEYS are >>>
1… Believe that you are Strong and will be alright and that Your Prayer are Heard,
Dont just Pray >>> Oh Lord help me , and cry and Whine, Prayer for HIM to HEAL you to Kill This Infection, To Eliminate IT 4EVER, Then Thank HIM everyday … this Builds FAITH and FAITH CURES ALL …
2. Keep and Clean EVERYTHING well
including your eating habits …
3.Follow this Regimine Stick to IT and tell everyone whos says Negitive things about How Bad and what NOTs, Thats NOT you, You are Strong, and Have The Power of PRAYER, Most dont, lose FAITH, start to WORRY and STRESS
These are the BIGGEST Sins to GOD, because IF you have FAITH, you should have NOT 1 bit of WORRY or STRESS , he knows, HE Heals, Dont Doubt and HE’ll KNOCK “IT” Out !!!
Iam Ace Banger, The Guru, I Hope this Helps Y.O.U.

Ace banger, The Guru July 2, 2010 at 10:05 pm

P.S. >>> I also recomend a self proclaimed, healing meal, I use for common cold…
FISH & CHIPS, with Lots of Malt Viniger & Yes SALT, The cod, Great for white blood cel production, The Viniger KILLs Bacteria, The Salt Dries Up EVERYTHING LEFT …
Works 4 Me ….

Lisa September 4, 2010 at 8:32 pm

I have been battling this all year and I am so worn down. My son would go to his girlfriends house and her father has Mersa but we didn’t know never had heard of it. Bad enough my son has a low immune system and has to get steroid shots for eczema because his eczema is so bad but on top of that it kept coming back. He was bitten by a black widow I believe and the doctor took one look at him and said o it mersa the second time i took him thank goodness there is a God in heaven or I wouldn’t have a son. Then my daughter who was doing high school clinical s as a CNA came down with it out of the blue. She had patients that had mersa too, so I don’t know if she got it from her brother or the hospital. She has broke out 4 times so far in the last 3 months. Small and we would catch them quick but she is allergic to the penicillins . I wish it all would stop my son had several bad breakouts on his hand neck and head stomach and neck . When he and his girlfriend broke up he seamed to get all better. I think stress plays a big factor but today he has a small spot on the back of his neck hope it goes away. Frustrated. No one else in the home has it thank you Lord! Feels like a plague. I think my last option is prayer and fasting? Doctors can’t seam to help Just get more and more bills!

Patrick October 13, 2010 at 9:09 am

Hello, I am 30 years old, an have had MRSA for over 5 years, an have taken all types of antibiotics, tried trumic,tree oil, an body wash an I still can’t get rid of it. I have boils an scars on my face an chest. Can someone out there tell me what I can do to help fight the infection?

Kathy October 13, 2010 at 11:02 pm

my husbands mother was operated on to replace a part in her knee that had worn out. We visited her with our 2 granddaughters age 2 and 3.They wanted to kiss her booboo. So she let them kiss the area beside her knee. One week later she had a bad infection inside her knee. They operated to get the infection out and she was diagnosed with mersa. She is facing more operations. Im worried about her but I scared to death about my granddaughters. So far they are okay. What should I watch for. Will they be okay or should I have my daughter take them to the doctor. I would appreciate anyones advice

Andrea October 14, 2010 at 1:20 pm

Both my 3 year old twins have had mrsa since they were about 1. They each get them in the same area when it should occur. My son was even hospitalized at one point when it got into his scrotum area. The dr. told us to give them bleach baths twice a week, which seems, to help, but doesn’t get rid of the problem. We have stopped using antibiotics because they were getting them so frequent and now just use an ointment and cover the area. We never use the same towel twice, and constantly wash their sheets. It’s amazing that a vaccine hasn’t been developed for this yet. It saddens me thinking that they will have to deal with this the rest of their lives.

Steve October 19, 2010 at 10:25 am

I got HA-MRSA getting my spine repaired, and it acted fast enough to keep the fusion of my last vertebra from completing. We ended up having to completely repeat this process after I had inundated my system with Vancomycin and Biactrin. I hear Doxycycline mentioned also.

We are now in the age of VISA and even VRSA.
MRSA is evolved enough to recognize quiet places in the body with limited circulation, such as next to metal inserts, so often the surgeon has to remove surgically-installed metal.

People, you need to PRAY that a medicine other than glycopeptide antibiotics will be found. There are two dozen or more used for HIV-AIDS, so let’s hope the financial environment supporting medical experimentation in the United States isn’t damaged or interfered with by our federal government.

P.S.: The crazy part? I had some other bones worked on while this MRSA was in my body and MRSA never raised its ugly head. That repair appears to be just fine. Go figure.

jasmine October 26, 2010 at 7:40 am

I got diagnosed with MRSA about 3 years ago…I was at Ft Jackson for my husbands basic training graduation and they made an incision below my knee and drained it. I got 2 little ones right after that one heeled..I was on crutches for 2 1 year son got one within the same week on his butt. It was no horrible. Well we are at Ft Knox now and my son, who is now 3 1/2 got another one on his butt and i just got an awful one on my knee joint..Took them 5 days to finally diagnose it and now it had to be packed daily and I am on crutches and cant bend, kneel or squat & i work at a daycare. So now this is week 2 and and im still home..this is an awful disease and hopefully someone finds a cure

Jet December 17, 2010 at 10:46 pm

I got a cut that didn’t bleed. The infectious disease physician said the MRSA probably wouldn’t have affected me so badly if the cut DID bleed (would’ve washed it away.) The MRSA gave me different infections in both eyes and endocarditis. My mitral valve was destroyed. The team of seven doctors gave me a 0% chance of survival. This occurred almost 3 years ago. I am the only person they had ever seen with MRSA-caused endocarditis who has survived. They called me their miracle patient. I was on Vancomycin for about 6 weeks. Thank God for saving me.

shannon simon March 24, 2011 at 10:02 am

My three year old daughter was diagnosed with MRSA in her urine and entereccoli in feb. Her dr. Called many times the day they got her results and said she had to start her antibiotic right away. Two rounds of bactrim and she has all kinds of symptoms like eye pain headache runny nose watery eyes sneezing chest pain abdominal pain for the past eight months lower back pain screaming pain in her vaginal and anal area she has also complained of severe joint pain in hands knees feet and elbows. Her finger tips get beat red as do the soles of her feet. She has developed nodules on finger tips and palmsand on her toes. All of these thing ar transient symptoms that r worsening she started with facial twitches on right side mouth three days ago. She was hospitalized in aug. For fever of unknow origin over 102 FOR SIX DAYS. Since then she has complained her body is sick. Does anyone think its possible she’s had MRSA for a long time and it has spread to her internal organs. I feel with all her symptoms it is like a ticking time bomb giving its warning with her complaints. The dr.s new phylosophy is they aren’t sure she ever had MRSA even though two positive test and they treated her. I’m thinking of taking her to Mayo clinic. These DR.s r idiots. Also she had an extremely painfull bumpy. Diaper rash after hospital admission that lasted months. She screams in pain from her vagina or anal areea but I can’t see what her pain is. Anyone know who can help?

jen March 31, 2011 at 9:21 am

Hi everyone,

I’m so glad I found this website! I caught MRSA about a month ago from a pedicure. After trying 3 different antibiotics they hosptitalized me for 4 days of IV antibiotics and then had me on outpatient IV for ten days. Unfortunately, now a little more then a week after being taken off of IV, I am still tired, having hot and cold flashes, and my foot pain and redness has come back. My doctor is out of town and the new doc was the most dis interested, patronizing doc I’ve ever seen (she wasn’t even going to do any tests until I demanded them, at which point she did a blood draw from 2 diff. sites). At any rate, I am now wondering what to do/ where to go as I want to make sure it has not gotten into bone or tissue! Any advice would be so appreciated! Thanks.

bernice October 5, 2011 at 6:51 pm

on jan 31 2011 i was admidet thru emergency in hosptail till june 24 2011 with mrsa hade to have emergency serg on the back of my knee and under foot due to big blood blisters did not recnized no one for like 4 months , still foghting the dreaded infection no cure in sight wat is a person to do wen there is no cure just keep prying that on day i could find a awncer to this confution n pain o lord so much pain Bernice

Angela October 7, 2011 at 2:15 pm

I am going to school for nursing and I am working in a V.A. Hospital where 2 patients have MRSA. At first we didnt’ know how to gown up to go in and check on the pt so some of us just stepped in and moved around like normal then I saw the RN’s gown up to help the pt move up in bed. No one has made a serious notion of this in the hospital, they seem like it’s not that big of a deal.. after reading these posts, I will now take more of a precation in the hosptial setting to prevent from getting it and from spreading it to other patients. Thanks for sharing all your experiences . Many prayers and blessings to you all.!

Sidney November 13, 2011 at 3:58 pm

I was diagnosed with MRSA earlier this year. I went to the doctor because they thought I wass only having another outbrake of staph, which I’ve had since I was 9. but the biopsy came back as MRSA. I almost lost my leg due to the ifection I got in my calve. Luckily we waited it ouot and it cleared up, but I lost almost all the muscle and flesh in my leg.

A-RN February 13, 2012 at 7:54 pm

The antibiotics are making it worse. They kill off the helpful bacteria, leave our immune systems compromised and the MRSA is becoming resistance. Use natural antibiotics and stop with all the antibacterial stuff out their that is causing all these “superbugs”. Do more research on the internet to find info on natural antibiotics and go that route, then work on immune system boosting. I’ve had it 6 times since Sept 2011 and am through with the doctors and money drug companies. Lets get back to nature……

Kim March 10, 2012 at 10:33 am

Wow. I’ve been reading everyone’s posts and was amazed at how similar to my circumstances in many ways. As I write, I am recovering from yet another bout of MRSA. Our MRSA journey started with my husband getting what looked exactly like a spider bite on his shoulder blade. By the time he noticed it, it was already horrible. Doc took him in immediately (on a Thurs) and by Friday he was in surgery to remove a lemon-sized hunk of flesh. The surgeon said that the infection was so deep, that he had to cut all the way to the chest wall! Since then, he and I have been in a never-ending battle to fight this stuff.

My most recent experience with the horribly painful sores is, as I said before, going on now. I am surviving on pain meds (mostly over the counter) and the antibiotic the doc put me on 2 days ago. I am so sick of trying to fight this insidious “disease” with antibiotics because it is my understanding that they actually bring the immune system back down. So this time I tried going this thing alone – naturally. I did LOTS of research and started pumping up my system with tons of Vit C, garlic oil, and tea tree oil on the wounds (THAT WAS NOT FUN AT ALL….kinda like the old medicine Mertiolate which Dad used on everything! Yee haw!! Picure a 52 year old grandma jumping around like a maniac after applying the oil!) Well, my fever was always low-grade, so I hoped that meant that my body was fighting this infection. Eventually, it got so freaking painful that I could not stand it anymore and went to the hospital wound care clinic (they’ve been miracle workers in the past for our family). The nurses there were astounded and had my doc’s office call in a Rx for Bactrum NOW. Within an hour I was back on the very thing I was avoiding. BUT – I do feel the wounds easing up now and draining; the one on my stomach which was smaller and about a day older than the one on my back, is nearly done.

I tell you my story cuz I am sure there are others who’re experiencing the same frustrations as I am. I don’t know who to trust (my doc sometimes seems completely ignorant of this thing, regardless of his training – I don’t think he doesn’t know much, I just think he knows only what he’s been taught in seminars, which could be fallacious). I don’t know if I trust my self to treat myself after what I’ve just been through. I looked for a professional doctor in this area who works with homeopathic remedies, only to find out they are not legally allowed to practice in Iowa – YET. Once I get out of this infection, I am going to go after this thing like killing rattlesnakes! Including sanitizing and making my own soaps, etc., out of materials with natural antiseptics, not antibiotics. I am also going to learn everything I have to do to build up my immune system . If anyone has any other suggestions, I’m “all ears.” :)

Sheree May 22, 2012 at 2:20 am

After reading these stories I feel as if I am not the only one in this battle with Staph and MRSA. In 2003 I was scracthed very badly by a stry cat brought into my groom shop. While trying to rid the poor fella of flea infestation he became Edward Scissor Hands and raked his claws down the front of me. After 3 weeks I started getting flu like symptoms and feeling fatigued constanly. Then I realized the scratches had not healed and I had lumps under my armpits and my left breast was twice its normal size , red and swollen. I had to have surgery to drain the now forming abcess and was told I had staph due to the cat scratch. After the surgery I felt somewhat better but still tired all the time. So I was put on Amoxacillin for 28 days; the pain and swelling finally went away and I felt better finally. That lasted all of two months and I started getting boils on my thighs and feeling tired a lot once again. In Feburary of 2004 I had surgery on my breast again to remove a subaceous cyst developed by the Staph infection and thpught I was healed finally until Janurary of 2005. I was admitted Jan. 12 2008 and remained in the hospital until Feb 27 2005, finally released I had went through 3 procedures to drain the staph infection that invaded my body as well as anpther surgery to try and find where it was originating. It took close to a year to recover. I was fine until 2007 when I noticed what looked like a s[ider bite on my leg that abcessed and after going to the doctor found that I had MRSA once again. I have been hospitalized 4 times since then and still fight the battle of having staph or MRSA outbreaks. I am OCD and use antibacterial everything. I found that when somethjng starts swelling and I know it has to do with staph vinegar works wonders. The sta[h tends to attack my lymph nodes or mammory glands. A very hot bath in vinegar for as long as I can stand it what workes to sooth the sores , reduce the swelling and I feel rejuvinated. I rinse my clothes in vinegar before wshing them and the outbreaks are not as severe as before. The infectious disease doctor said I had a systematic staph infection that just wont leave so I have to take preventitive measures to control the outbreaks. I have also had phenumonia 3 times as a result of staph lowering my immune system when I have episodes. A small bite can turn into a hge problem if I dont soak in vinegar or keep clean on a constant basis. I’ve accepted there is no cure but it can be managed and when it gets to the point I cannot manage I always end up in the hospital for a week or two. I pray they find a antibiotic that completely knocks it out so I can be normal again.

melanie August 20, 2012 at 10:06 am

use selsom blue its the sulfur that works it is what the drs. are not telling you

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