Personal MRSA Stories

Personal MRSA Stories

Here you will find personal stories of experience with infection, written by MRSA patients and their loved ones. If you are interested in having your story published here, email You need not provide any identifying information if you do not want to, and all copyrights will of course remain yours. I cannot tell you how many people have told me that this is very helpful to them to be able to read these stories, I hope you will consider having yours, or a link to yours, here as well. Also, if you are interested in keeping a blog about your MRSA experience, or just your daily life while living with MRSA or another Superbug, please email me as well, I would love to talk about hosting it for you.

Submitted to MRSA Resources:

Marshall Jones – An MRSA Survival Story, PDF

  • Marshall contracted his MRSA infection through an ingrown hair in his neck after a shave at home. He was an undiagnosed diabetic at the time, and the infection entered the epidural space of his spine, and then his bloodstream before he was hospitalized.

Denise Rauff’s Story

  • Both of Denise’s two young daughters contracted MRSA a year apart through tympanostomy (ear tube) surgeries.

Tony Field – My Story

  • Tony contracted MRSA during surgery for a broken leg. He has been very instrumental in the fight for victims rights and hospital rate disclosure in the UK (MRSA Support UK), and is working around the world for the same cause.

Peg McQueary’s Story

  • Peg contracted MRSA in a leg wound after cutting herself shaving with her own razor.

The Wells Family Story

  • Michelle’s husband came home from Iraq with MRSA boils, and the bacteria was passed throughout his household.

Francine Jackson’s Story

  • Francine’s 13 year old athletic son acquired CA-MRSA in his bone (osteomyelitis).

Rhoda’s daughter contracted MRSA while battling addiction, Graves Disease and Fibromyalgia.

Novena acquired MRSA after laparoscopic surgery.

Antoinette’s Legacy

External Links to MRSA Experiences and Stories:

Jill and Bella Moss’s Story

  • Bella was the first dog known to fall victim to the MRSA bacteria.

Ricky Lannetti

  • Did not survive CA-MRSA, stemming from a small pimple – His mother, Theresa, along with Francine Jackson are working very hard toward community awareness of CA-MRSA, especially in athletes.

Helena Gibson

  • survived Necrotizing Fasciitis

Trina Hayes

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C November 3, 2011 at 4:31 pm

I have had MRSA for about three years and got it while visiting a friend who had to get part of his leg amputated. I think I was exposed to it after he was released from the hospital, and put into a nursing home for physical therapy. The first infection occured on my buttocks and grew almost overnight from a small boil size to the size of an orange. It was lanced and cleaned an an culture was done. I went thru a bout of antibiotics for three weeks, and everything looked fine. About six weeks later it returned but with smaller sores. This has been ongoing, and the sores have appeared in my arm pits, thighs, calfs, groin,and buttocks. None of the sores were as bad as the initial. I have only had to resort to antibiotics one other time during the three years. I have learned a lot, and found several things to minimize the reoccuring sores. I have tried antibiotic ointments with little success. I have found that if I lance the small ones with a sterilized needle, without squeezing, and letting it drain. I then wipe it down with alcohol, and then apply regular honey (the darker in color the better). The honey is a natural antibiotic, and helps it heal quicker, with less pain and scarring (it does not work well in hairy areas, but can be thinned slightly with a Q-Tip dipped in water 1st). As soon as I see any sign of a breakout I soak in a bleach bath (1/2 cup bleach per tubfull). This has proven the most effective way I have found to stop the spread, and dry up the sores. If you let it get out of control you can do it twice a day till it starts to clear, and then go back till once a day. I have found a method of keeping it from reoccuring in my arm pits. I squeeze on lime, or lemon, into a small spray bottle filled with alcohol. After showering I spray it in my pit, groin area, and any area where it looks like something is trying to start. I no longer use regular stick type deodorant, but take a small empty plastic baby powder bottle and fill it 50/50 with baking soda and corn starch. It works great as a deodorant, is cheap, and I have had very little problems with any sore in this area. Even when I am totally clear, I will take a bleach bath once or twice a week, and follow my underarm routine daily. I use fresh towels daily. And always shower after any activity that causes me to sweat. Areas of the body that sweat more are the most problematic. I take a multiple vitamin in the morning, and a B Complex vitamin with my evening meal. this was recommended by my doctor and seems to have helped. Good luck!! Try these things because they have been working very well for me the last year.

Sarah November 7, 2011 at 4:59 am

Hello All!
I myself am battling MRSA. I had my first cyst in January of 2010 and since then have had 3 more cysts (Oct. 2010, January 2011, September 2011) that required medical intervention. This last time, I had a cyst on my tunny that was 5/8 inch deep and the ER doc put my on an IV. That was less than 2 months ago and I developed another spot on my lower neck a few days ago, that I am going to have to go to the ER for tonight. I was under the impression that IV drugs were supposed to help stop recurrent infections but this is the shortest amount of time I have had in between infections. Earlier today my husband and I finally had the talk and have decided that it might be a good idea for me to set up a living will- just in case. I am only 25, but I feel as though I am now serving a life sentence. I know with complete certainty that I WILL have to go back to the ER a few times a year for the rest of my life, if this is not gotten out of my system. Thank god I have insurance but even with 90% coverage, I am still currently looking at close to $3k in medical bills racked up from having MRSA.
/praying for a cure!

Dean Rizor November 7, 2011 at 11:42 pm

I just happened to stumble onto this site as I was chasing rabbits; I suffered years as a diabetic with ulcers on my lower right leg. Was told that the doctors would use a chemical to block the vein, I didn’t like that idea. One night, suffering, I turned on the TV and heard several equestrian peoples, animal veterinarian and master of ceremony discussing a product called Vetrocyn. I made a call; told that a simular product approved for human conception called Microcyn was available – I ordered and used the product and am happy to say that my wounds are completly healed. To God be the Glory. And, my wife of 57 years was in a serious accident, overdosed with morphine twice; nearly five weeks in the hospital, while there, contacted Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in the nose, again using Microcyn seemingly has cured the MRSA. We have told many people about this wonderful product. Contact # is 1 – 800 – 759 – 9305

Chavon November 9, 2011 at 3:14 pm


TexasFreda November 15, 2011 at 1:08 pm

My daughter is 18 and off working and taking college courses. She is 6 hours away from me and was diagnosed with mrsa not long after she moved. She has had several more bumps come up and gotten rid of them with antibiotics and creams and soaps. She has another one that has burst and the doctor is trying to find out what exactly to do for her, but I am scared to death for her. I don’t know how to help her. I have read all of these stories and hers is very similar to a lot of them. The doctor is trying to contact the infectious disease control as we speak. What do we do next.

Janene Unruh November 17, 2011 at 1:55 pm

My husband got MRSA from his job ( hes a mechanic) another worker there had a huge weeping lump on his leg that he never even bothered to cover, a few weeks later he went to the doctor for it only after his parents saw it and said there was something wrong, a few days later my husband ended up with a lump on the side of his knee it grew painful and we went to the doctor where they lanced it and drained it and sent it off for testing, It came back positive for MRSA. They treated him with Sulfamethoxazole- TMP after about 4 days his wound began to ooze pus and blood we changed bandages every 30 minutes for two days, then it finally began to heal. About 7 days into treatment he was almost done with his antibiotics he developed hives all over his body, he was allergic to the meds so he stopped them. The infected bump was healed and in a few days the hives were gone, 2 months later he had another smaller outbreak on his on his legs we treated it with a different antibiotic and it went away pretty quickly. Now I have MRSA in my ear canal, I went to the er with severe pain in my ear where the doctor looked and saw several small boils in my ear, we told them about my husband having MRSA and they suspected that I got it from him. So I am now taking Sulfamethoxazole and putting drops in my ear Neomycin,
polymyxin b sulfates 4 drops in the ear 4 times a day the antibiotics i take twice a day for 14 days. I am in severe pain and gave me Vicodin for the pain, one pill every 4 hours as needed. I am currently on day 4 of my treatment and finally starting to feel a little better, I hate this disease.

veronica November 19, 2011 at 5:03 pm

In May 2008 I had a test for cealic disease and MRSA bacteria was put into my body.
Only after the test I read that they could not clean the camera properly no wonder I now have mrsa bacteria.
The doctor refused for me to have a blood test she gave me antibiotics but I did not get my health back.
I was then stung by a whitetailed spider and a week later by a jelly fish stung my leg.
Nothing showed when I had blood tests.
I take many health products for my blood pressure and for fibria myliba as I had glandular fever which made my immune system weak.
In December 2008 I had a flu injection which really made me so ill and my teeth became so infected.
I took amoxen and doxycline which worked and soon I was better I could not believe at last I had energy again.
I started using salt and bicarb to rub my gums.
I discovered a lump on my bottom tooth.Also a lump on my top molar.
I found this molar had no gum left the bacteria had eaten it.
I wanted to have my teeth xrayed to find where the bacteria was hiding as nothing showed in tests.I also wanted to know what the lumps were.
My Dentist had moved away so I saw his partner.
While I was waiting to see him I read an article warning not to have infected teeth out.
The dentist was nasty and just told me to have the teeth removed.
I was shocked after reading the article in his place.
I went to another dentist who gave me the antibiotics which helped me.
He said he would xray my teeth once the lumps were fixed.
The doctor now gave me antibiotics but now they did not work.
I had to take more than what the doctor gave me.
The infection started to go into my ear and jaw.I ate the antibiotics which did not last long.
I could not return to the doctor as he did not understand what was happening.
I went to another doctor who changed the antibiotics.
I ended up at the hospital and went back to my doctor.
The doctor at the hospital told me to see a gum specialist.
What a joke all he wanted was to remove 13 teeth which had bacteria under them.
He gave me no help with the lumps.
I went on the internet for help and I bought a virapicker to get the antibiotics under my teeth.
The doctor gave me amoxen and doxycline.I also used sage with doxcycline and pomegranate juice to put on my gums to help the bacteria to come out.
Soon my tongue was black and my teeth were full of brown.
The doctor told me to go to another gum specialist who was a friend of the first one.
He now found bacteria under 5 teeth which he wanted to remove.I was shocked.
I wrote to the person in charge of the dentists but had no reply.
The doctor gave me so much help and soon I was able to pop the top lump
On my cheek was jelly fish venom I used castrol oil.
The lump on my bottom tooth remained hard and nothing inside it.
Without antibiotics I became so ill.
The doctor wanted me ‘to have the tooth xrayed as it was now July 2009.
I had had antibiotics for 8 months but the lump remained.
I went to two dentists but all they wanted was my tooth removed.
So I went to another doctor but he wanted a letter from a dentist before he could help me.
I ended up at the hospital and the doctor told me to take erythromycin which would kill the mrsa bacteria.Soon the pain came out of the lump but it remained.
I went to another dentist to get a letter for the other doctor.
She wanted to remove my tooth but gave me a letter.
I went to the doctor but I was given another doctor who refused to help me.
So I went to another doctor who again gave me different antibiotics.
I became ill but not as bad as before.
A friend said I should go to her doctor and she was very kind.
She gave me the three antibiotics which I now thought would work together.
After a month the lump was just about gone and my health was wonderful.
We went to visit my husbands brother in America but we were sent back as my British passport had no visa for America.
The shock of this caused me to become so ill I still had antibiotics for my tooth which helped me to not get too ill.
I went to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned and I also had two holes in my teeth which needed filling.
I also went to the mental place.My first doctor wanted to put me on invalid benefit so I needed a letter from a psychiatrist to show my brain was damaged.
I had cerebral malaria and concussion so my brain is damaged.My short term is very bad.
She was shocked to hear my a story and said she would stop the doctor giving me the antibiotics for my lump.
She told me I was making up stories there was nothing wrong with me,She had read my blood tests which showed healthy blood because of the vitamins I take.
I became very ill I checked on the internet and it showed shingles on the brain.
I needed to see a doctor as it was so dangerous.
I went back to the kind doctor but she was now nasty she told me to get lost.
She had heard from the psychiatrist and I made up stories.
I bought homeopathic remedies for my shingles but a week later I had to go to the hospital.The doctor wanted to admit me but I refused she gave me doxycline.
She sent me a letter for a doctor to tell them to give me doxycline.
I had been spending so much for doctors I found a cheap doctor.
She told me that the mental lady had sent a letter to my doctor to say I was making up stories she warned me the lady wanted to stop my benefit.
Work and income phoned me to come for a meeting I was so ill with shingles.
Which helped when I saw the doctors.I wanted a scan done to show my brain was damaged.
I went back to the mental place to have my brain checked.They found my brain damaged and said I needed an emri .
A friend gave me an article from the paper warning how dangerous scans are.
Another friend warned me emri are very noisy.
So when I saw the mental lady I refused to have a scan or an emri.
She agreed to write to work and income to put me on invalid benefit but she said I was psychotic and delusion .
Fortuantly work and income refused to accept this lie.They knew how ill I was.
I requested another psychiatrist which was agreed.
I saw another psychiatrist but he told me I was still under the other lady.
He eventually agreed to see me but insisted I have a scan.
The first psychiatrist wrote to my doctor and said I had two opinions to show I was psychotic and delusion the doctor put this on my record.
But two opinions were not true only one said I was mad.
I made a complaint and a lady said she would help me.But she failed.
I turned to the computer for help with my shingles as no doctor could help me.
I used mud to get rid of the pain in my head.
I also used castrol oil with mud on my eyes every night as my eyes were painful.
I needed doxcycline but the doctor now refused to help me.
I went back to the hospital but I was refused help because the doctor had put on my record I was mad.
In december 2009 the doctor sent me for a culture to find out what was in the lump.
I was convinced it was bacteria from the hospital also venom from the whitetailed spider and the jelly fish.As 3 antibiotics were needed.
The pathlab person refused to do the culture he just said I MUST have the tooth removed.He claimed it was just a cyst.
So the doctor sent me to the hospital to have my tooth xrayed.
For 4 months I had only had doxycline so the lump had grown back.
A terrible abscess was reported from the hospital so the doctor told me to get a letter from my dentist.
A letter was given but it said I MUST have the tooth removed.
A friend advised me to see his doctor who was very kind but he needed a letter to help me.
I managed to find the dentist who moved and he was very kind.
He xrayed the tooth and gave antibiotics he said it was a bacterial Cyst.
He gave me a letter but this doctor was away so I saw another doctor.
She refused to help me.
I returned to the dentist who wrote down the antibiotics I needed and asked for more tests.
I had to find another doctor.
This doctor knew about mrsa bacteria and shingles she gave me plenty of doxycline.
But she refused to except the letter from the dentist she wanted me to see the dentist at the hospital.
She asked for another psychiatrist as she said I must clear my name.
The person in charge of the mental place phoned and told me I was not welcolm there.
He wrote to this kind doctor and told her I must come for drugs.
I had had two opinions and I was psychotic and delusion .
She told me she could no longer help me.
I must go back to my first doctor.

I really wanted this cyst checked for bacteria and the right antibiotics.
I went back to my first doctor but I saw another doctor.
She sent me for a culture and said I must come back to their surgery.

Pathlabs refused to do the test and once my record arrived at this surgery.
I was no longer welcome.

So I went back to the doctor who was away who said I Must bring a letter from a dentist.
I had two letters from the dentist but he wanted me to have the tooth xrayed.
In feb 2011 My tooth was xrayed .The dentist said I must use the letters from the other dentist.
The doctor phoned the dentist who said I must have the tooth removed.
So he refused to give me the antibiotics.
I had started with the shingles in september 2009 now in April 2011 the shingles came out on my eyes neck and ears.
I went to the hospital again hoping to get help.
I saw a lovely doctor who wanted to put me in hospital but I refused.
She gave me two weeks of the 3 antibiotics.
When they finished I again went to the hospital and again saw a kind Doctor.
He was most concerned and said there must be three different bacterias in the cyst.
He gave me the three antibiotics for a week.
The lump was slowly going away.
I wanted to continue using these 3 antibiotics to get rid of the cyst.
I saw the first doctor who again gave me the 3 antibiotics for 2 weeks.
I then got whooping cough and my chest became infected.
The doctor would only give me doxycline.
I became very weak I went to the hospital on a Wednesday morning.
The doctor refused to help me despite my blood pressure was so high
The hospital psychotherapist refused for me to have help.
I was discussed so my husband complained.
Which was a waste of time I was sent a letter telling me to have the tooth removed.
My finger became infected with fungal infection from the cyst which I rubbed.
My malaria came back so for a while I was too ill to go to the hospital.
We went to a hot pool and soon my finger was really bad.
I went to the doctor but he was not interested when I told him the infection was from my cyst.
So I went to the hospital and saw the kind doctors.She did a swab and gave me a different antibiotic.
This made my finger worse so I returned to the doctor.
He gave me a different antibiotic and sent me for a culture.
I was forced back to the hospital as the bacteria was eating up my flesh in my finger.
The doctor said the test showed it ‘was a fungal infection but she agreed I needed the three antibiotics. She also gave me some cream for fungal infection.
I returned to the doctor who had had the test back and it also said it was yeast infection.
But he said I needed the 3 antibiotics at long last.But he would not give me ‘enough
My finger responded well to the antibiotics but it was trying to eat my finger.
In my mouth it had eaten my gums now it wanted my finger.
I took so many doxyclines to stop this happening.
So I had to go to the hospital to get more doxycline.
I went on a Saturday morning and the doctor refused to give me any help because the swab said it was fungal infection.
So now I am taking the antibioitics and also using cornflour which kills mrsa bacteria.
Cornflour is worth checking out on the internet.
I have discovered what had caused this mrsa bacteria.
Dentist and gum specialism remove infected teeth.These bacteria become very strong and become immune to amoxen and other antibiotics which are not used properly.
Dentist must stop removing infected teeth and this mrsa bacteria can be stopped.

To your health

Bill Sinnamon November 27, 2011 at 12:26 am

I am feeling all of you guys. I have been almost nine months with MRSA from a broken leg. Came back four different times and four different surgeries just for MRSA symtoms. One thing that is familiar with all of us is the lack of intensity of our condition from our doctors.
This infection criples all of us from regular routine without recourse. I am scared to death after reading you reviews. How do you know it is gone or when it is going to come back.
Someone please give me some scientific results of how it effects you in the future after you beat it with venko and rocephyn. I have two young children I have not run, swam, done anything in nine months with my kids because of MRSA. So depressed I could not deal. Every day to the hospital for nine months. Release four different times only to get 104 fever and emergency room for more surgery.
Wanted to give up. Dont give up #E(T%*# hang in there and if I can help even better.
Want to help, my last dose of Rocephyn is this Tuesday after nine months. Keep on Keeping on! Not easy hopefully I can help you. Worst trip of my life.

ander drake November 30, 2011 at 3:34 pm

Well, I’m hearing a lot of things that sound very familiar. I seem to have contracted a staph infection or quite likely MRSU around fall of 2006. I went to the doctor to get my medicare case evaluated and the doctor noticed an infection on my right leg, were i got it from I don’t know. Shortly after that my stomach broke out in large gum ball size boils with a very red sore place in the middle of my belly. To make a long shorty short I have been on the mirror-go-round of antibiotics and creams Later, was diagnosed with diabetes, my blood sugar is almost always over 300 or more. The only time it was lower was when I was being treated with intravenous Vancomycin. At this point I did not have any trust left for doctors or the medical system, They all keep trying to force the same antibiotics that are create more offense than then the condition I”m suffering from, for example, large boils, periodic servers with fever, constantly swollen left leg, and general aching all over my body. I’m sick of the doctors trying to pass the buck and blame my diet or my weight for a disease that I have little control over. They get all upset that I take herbs like garlic, bilberry, echinacea-goldenseal combo, and probiotics. Many of the doctors swear up and down there’s no telling what those herbs will do to my system or another excuse I’ve heard that they are so water down they wouldn’t work. It’s all a load of nonsense, they are just afraid of losing money by not being able to sell their expensive big pharmacy drugs. Maybe antibiotics save lives everyday but the only way they would work for me would be to take them almost everyday and that would destroy my immune system and then I’d be in a whole lot worse situation. To get to my point it’s strange that some people just seem unable to get rid of what is suppose to be normal bacteria that has developed an immunity to certain antibiotics. There is something more to this than what doctors or we are seeing, I feel it’s something on the inside that’s wrong, I’m just not sure exactly what.
Please keep in mind that, Every one has to make the decisions that’s right for them and I would never tell you or give you the impression that a person should not seek medical help when they feel it’s necessary or an emergency.

Carissa December 7, 2011 at 11:10 pm

well, about 6 months ago right before my 17th birthday, I went to my friends house where she had another one of my friends over. we were all talking about peircings and tattoos. I decided what the heck im almost 17 I can do what I want, so after I said this my friend told me to go get some ice, I iced the inside and outside of my lip. then stupid me didnt think about it till after, but she had taken the earring she peirced my lip with out of her ear and didnt even clean it or sterilize it. so after she peirced it I went to bed and got up n went to school the next day, my gram found out and made me take out the earring. a little while after school that day my face started to itch. my friend said it was just a bug bite, then my face started swelling up and I went to the hspital. the doctor shoved an iv into my hand and it was there for three days. the doctors kept trying to give me iv antibiotics but the vain was no good after three days. then they decided to tell me they were going to give me shots. *im really scared of needles by the way* so I told them no. then they told me where they were going to inject the hips! the first one hurt so bad I couldnt walk after it. they gave me the.shots in my hips for 4 days, and the last day they did was on my 17th birthday.

Lori (in memory of my loving husband, Dennis. December 25, 2011 at 8:04 pm

My husband was diagnosed with MRSA 7 years ago after bowel resection surgery. The patch that was used immediately infected and was removed. The only plus side we found by having it is when you go to the hospital over night for anything, you get a private room. Anyway, May 30,2011, he went to his Quack Dr because of a boil on his back and his butt. The Dr told him to buy drawing salve for his butt and to go to a dermatologist for his back. She told him it was nothing and sent him away. June 2,2011 i brought him to our cardiologist because his breathing was very shallow and his legs blew up and were oozing. Into the ICU he was admitted for 2 1/2 months. Finally the US CDC was able to find a cure to get rid of his current infection. He then went in to this disgusting rehab facility to regain some of his strength hehad lost. He was there for 17days when i noticed he wasn’t eathng and his urine was very dark with an odor. He had been complaining it was burning. When i asked the nurse if he was tested for a UTI i wagq told he was fine. Then i noticed his eyes and skin were yellow and hir breathing was again very shallow. Back to the hospital and again into ICU. i buried him 3 days later because the rehab facility ignored the UTI and the MRSA traveled into his blood stream and there was nothing they could do to get rid of the infection this time.

Rachel January 7, 2012 at 7:17 pm

I have been dealing with MERSA for 3 years its getting worse everytime my husband and son have it also but have only had a few boils. I just got three boils at one time went to my doc on tues he put me on a sulfa antibiotic then thurs it was worse and one had to be lanced open today sat i have felt horrible for the past 36 hours i have had a headach low bp, shakes, dizzy and lightheaded temp is also up and down went to immedate care he said he thinks its in my blood stream and switched my antibiotic still have the symtoms and the lanced boil itches and stings and the other one has not went down in size any advice please

B Mross January 10, 2012 at 1:31 am

First I should say I have had 3 surgeries since 2007 (back surgery, nerve stim implant, and a hysterectomy) I found out after my 3rd surgery that I tested positive for Mrsa, I didn’t know anything about it, it seemed like they didn’t feel the need to tell me anything about it and I had never been effected by it, so I figured oh well big deal whats new? I have already been told that I had Rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative disc disease, fibromyalgia, severe insomnia, so why not add something else to the wheel of what the heck else can I have?? I had that last surgery in April of 2010 and have yet to have been bothered with this Mrsa business until just after Thanksgiving…. I came home from Michigan after a WONDERFUL visit with my family, drove home about 5 1/2 hours with my 3 kids that I raise on my own and was truly fine, or so I thought. I decided to unpack right away and do the laundry from our trip since my parents have a cat and I am allergic. I was so proud of myself for having the energy to put everything away and get the kids ready to go back to school. I swear I didn’t feel any pain till about 2 hours after I got home I decided to go to the bathroom and there was this huge lump the size of a tennis ball in my vaginal area, I was terrified, because I swear to you nothing was there before and I was embarrassed, and panicked because I felt dirty and thought maybe I had caught something. After deciding I couldn’t handle the pain (this coming from the girl who has tried every narcotic available and dumped them all because they never seemed to help with my pain) I drove myself to the emergency room. By the time I got there, there were two additional boils in the same area and I never felt so dirty and alone ever in my life!! I wanted to cry and I just felt humiliated when the dr and nurse looked at them and said wow we need to take care of this now!! They “numbed” the surface and than began to do what felt like nothing short of dig into my body to drain these disgusting things I had on my body. They put me on meds and a few days later I went for a follow up and my dr put me on another round of meds. They cleared up and I have been nothing short of paranoid and terrified at the thought of passing this terrible thing to my poor kids. The worst part of it all is I don’t even want to touch my vaginal area and I just don’t even feel like I can stay clean enough. Now tonight I am feeling two small (compared to the first time) pimple like bumps, I just don’t know if I can take on another physical strain without losing it. I came across this site and the only thing that has helped is now knowing I am not the only one, but now I feel like so many things are over for me, I feel like I will never be able to be sexually active again, which means I will never be able to share my life with anyone again. I hate this horrible disgusting thing!!!

darnell January 13, 2012 at 12:44 am

I do think bleach baths are OK but, not the bleach you buy in the grocery store.
Clorox bleach found in supermarkets are contaminated with traces of wheel bearing grease and other petroleum solvents (which you don’t want to absorb through your skin sitting in a hot bath). You can get a much cleaner and safer grade of bleach at a Pool Supply Store. That is usually stamped “NSF” bleach which stands for National Standards Foundation. NSF bleach is free of contaminates.

michael s January 29, 2012 at 8:52 pm

My name is Michael, I am 18 years old now and a year free of MRSA. My first case appeared in 8th grade when I was freshly 13. Like others, they thought it was a spider bite. Until it came back in the summer before 9th grade, on my butt. Being a skateboarder, I take a lot of falls, but nothing compared to the pain of MRSA on my butt. At this time, I was regularly prescribed pain killers and got unknowingly addicted to them. Being a skateboarder, I was introduced to drugs easily and started using. I picked up a drug addiction and many more absyses. From freshman year to junior year I had about 30-40 mild and intense cases of MRSA. 4 years of regularly prescribed pain killers got my highly addicted. I had a 6 month period where I didn’t have MRSA and all I did was buy pain killers illegally. I ended up going to rehab for it, and I got kicked out for having MRSA. I ended up going back a month later when I was clear of all signs of another infection. the doctor at my treatment claims that I had it for so long because of the drugs that were ruining my immune system. Which makes sense. So I got clean and I haven’t seen MRSA since then.. everything happens for a reason, and I feel that I was supposed to have it for so long and pick up an addiction in order to have learned what I have learned from this experience. I remember one time I went in to my doctor and he told me he was surprised that I was still surviving the MRSA, because most people that get it that much, do not make it out. I am grateful for my second chance at everythingand for all the things i have learned in order to bring me happiness and success in my second chance.
Thank you for reading my story. Email me for any questions or concerns. At:
I hope to share my story one day as inspiration to anyone struggling with MRSA and or drug addiction.

Elizabeth February 6, 2012 at 9:20 pm

My son is 2yrs old and just got diagnosed with Mrsa. Im so scared bc i got a culture done on me bc a bump came up on me that looked like a ant bite. & i got diagnosed with the same thing what is Mrsa exactly. We are on Bactrim Antibiotics & the Nose Swab, Phisolex scrub, and i need so advice bc i am so scared for us.

Sapphire. February 11, 2012 at 12:09 pm

hello. iim sapphire im 17 and for the last 2 yyears of my life i have lived with MRSA. it just became a part of me. i have now a new partner and we live together and all i do is bleach everything anf clean all day and he always asks why i blamed it on OCD because im a shamed. my first cast was 2 years ago when i was amitted to hospital because i had 34 MRSA boil on my bum i spent 2 month in hospital and everyday i am reminded of the experiance when i see all the scars on my bum. everyone. it gets better.

yanette February 13, 2012 at 9:25 pm

i got mrsa during surgery and almost died because thye dr i saw sent me home with a uti diagnosis. finally went to the dr that did my surgery and found out it was mrsa. spent 8 days in the hospital. this was 6 yrs ago. the past year and a half i have not been feeling well but they cant figure out what is wrong with me. eveytime i mention i had mrsa they dismiss it. is it possible that that is why i dont feel well. my d told me at the time that i was the most severe case he had ever seen. i was always very healthy until this happened to me. it has made me very depressed not to know what is wrong and for drs to look at me like im crazy because they dk whats wrong

shaggy February 22, 2012 at 8:08 pm

Sad story.

Hope H. March 11, 2012 at 12:54 am

I had three abscesses removed from my left breast & was in the hospital for a month with mrsa & blood poisoning, a few weeks after being released from the hospital my left kidney started failing, could it of been complications from the mrsa i wonder? Now 5 months after my breast and kidney surgeries, out of the blue i have started having horrible chest pains & numbness in my left shoulder,arm, & hand. I told my surgeon about all of this and he simply said (it could take up to a year to fully heal) one wound was six inches across and an inch in depth. I was also on a wound vac.I live in tn. and i am in desperate need of a qualified doctor. I believe mrsa has really done damage to my heart, lungs & kidneys. I am in constant pain, rapidly losing weight 145lbs.-80lbs, & have spells where i shake like i have cold chills,but my heats on 80 degress.I am only 22 years old i don’t understand why all this is happening to me at such a young age and apparently neither do the doctors.They ask me why i am so sick,is it not supposed to be the other way around,I need answers & advice now because over the last year it has only gotten worse i mean i had 6 separate surgeries in a 3 month period.The worst part is i have been sick & gone in & out hospitals the whole 1st year of my sons life,this stubborn infection is reducing my quality of life. I need help.

Donna March 28, 2012 at 2:20 am

I have never had mrsa but I have been covered in a rash that I have scracthed because it drives me nuts. But yesterday I got what looks like a spider bite so I decided to look up mrsa just incase. Thanks so much for all of the information on this site.

Roy June 15, 2012 at 1:10 am

I stepped on a dog chew bone a month ago and it barely broke the skin. I kept it clean for 3-4 days with peroxide and neosporin just because it was on my foot. Over the next couple weeks I had gone tubing in the river and also stepped on Ladyfish slime on my boat and a few other dirty situations thinking that the wound was pretty much healed. that weekend after these activities the wound began to ache and over the next couple days it swelled, turned purple, developed a red line going up to my ankle and the pain became worse. Finally one morning I went to the ER and they sent me home with Bactrim (antibiotic) twice a day and some very weak pain pills. I was told if it got worse in the next few days to return. After day 3 the center of the wound turned black and the red line had darkened and the pain was now unbarable. I went to the ER at 3 in the morning and they immediately gave me an IV with morphine then a shot of lidocaine right in the middle of the wound, that was the worst pain in my life even with the morphine! Then it was lanced which I didn’t even feel because the lidocaine. The ER doc said he was going to admit me just so they could keep an eye on the infection and do blood work. They gave me 2 percocets on top of the morphine, wooooo, between the drugs and relief of the pressure I was feeling good for once. I was put on IV antibiotics for that day then was told I would be getting surgery the next morning. I forgot to mention I am TERRIFIED of needles and have even fainted from them before. The next morning after a couple hours of sleep I wake up to them drawing blood and told me I get surgery in 15 minutes. That went well. continued on the iv antibiotics. The next morning I wake up to the nurses pushing my bed out of the room, startled I asked what was going on and they answered we’re moving yo to isolation, you have MRSA…… WTF why is this happening to me? They told me they would have to stick a picc line in me. As I said I HATE needles. They made three attempts and ended with them hitting a nerve and blood shooting out of the hole all over the nurse. Needless to say they didn’t get it and my arm is bruised from my armpit to my elbow which makes it very painful trying to walk on crutches. The next day I was released and am now on a 3 week vancomycin treatment. They tested my vanco levels after two days and they were too low so now I go twice a day. On the plus side I am starting to los my fear of needles since nothing can be as bad as the failed picc line and I get 2 shots a day. All the nurses and doctors seem very optimistic so I really haven’t worried much. It has been a very terrible experience, I have left out a lot of details just added the big stuff. I am 1 week into the vanco treatment, hopefully its doing its job, I just want my life back.

Janene Unruh July 21, 2012 at 11:52 am

I wrote previously on here after my husband had his battle with MRSA i ended up getting it in my ear canal of all places it was horrible and even though I was on pain meds it didn’t touch it. After about 9 months of fighting this disease in my house I have a couple of tips for those that are at their wits end. First MRSA re occurs, its a fight to get it out of your system. Each time my husband had an out break we did a few things one was we allowed no one in our house for at least a month, every time some one used the bathroom we used lysol and clorox wipes. Then once the sores were healing I literally scrubbed my house walls, ceiling, floor , door knobs with bleach. It was hard and horrible but it did slow down the out breaks. I also searched the net and tried something called Silver Sol. You take a tea spoon a day it builds up your immune system. My husbands out breaks slowed down to almost nothing when he did get smaller bumps we popped and squeezed as soon as possible. We cleaned it 3 times a day without fail and kept band aids handy. Honey helps a great deal in the healing process but here is a warning my husband had a pretty good sore on his lower back it was pretty deep and the honey literally burned him but it was healed up in less then three days. So even though it hurt a lot with the honey on it worked. Honey on the smaller sores does not hurt but messy but i does help. I hope these things helps all of you out currently we are MRSA free about 5 months

Samantha Dockter September 11, 2012 at 6:47 pm

It all began for my family last year sometime around 8-25-2011. My oldest contracted it first on her butt. Unknowing to me I then spread it to my youngest. She didn’t do well and we ended up in the hospital for three days. They had put her on three Iv antibiotics, along with a oral one. It finally drained on its own. She was four and a half months old the first time it about killed her. Then the week of her first birthday she came down with it again. We went into the hospital again for three days. Once again about killing her. About a month later my husband got it on his arm. Since he works with pigs he had to take a week off so he wouldn’t infect the pigs. Then about two months later in June of 2012 my brother became infected on his lip. Sometime during that he had touched his hip and then touched his very badly sunburned lips. Thus infecting his lips also. My family went two months without an infection. Then the begining of Aug. 2012 I became infected with MRSA for the first time. Two weeks after that my youngest became infected for a third time. It also happened to be the anniversary of the first time she had it too. She did very well. We manged to stay out of the hospital this time. But a week into her recovery and I became infected again. I just had surgery to remove it and I’m on meds also. The date is Sept 11, 2012 and my daughter and I are playing a game of pass the MRSA. I’m frusterated with it. I’d for it to go away.

Faith September 26, 2012 at 8:12 pm

Janene Unruh and everyone else who posted your MRSA experiences.
Thanks so much for sharing, the information is so helpful (and heartbreaking)
I have a question about the honey, Janene Unruh – did you put it in your ear? If so how? What is the brand of honey used? I will do anything to rid myself of this SuperBug.
My story of MRSA…
I came back from Cuba in September with what I thought was an ear infection, after it got to an unbearable level of pain I went to ER and was prescribed a drop for swimmers ear, needless to say after a few days it got worse – (gross I know) but I had bleeding ears, smelly drainage and I could hardly hear nor touch my ears.. the pain was intolerable. Which lead me back to ER where another Dr did a swab to send to the lab and Rx’d antibiotics and Locacorten Vioform drops. A few days later the ER called and informed me that I had MRSA which is a super virus resistant to antibiotics and to go in right away.
Terrified I went in right after the call, while husband was driving me to the hospital I googled MRSA on iPhone and of course the scariest pictures and statement appear.. it looked like flesh eating disease, 30% die.. that was it, I could’t read more.
I was so scared and was trying so hard to hold back the tears, the triage nurse was so wonderful and reassuring that I will be fine once I got the proper meds.
Within the longest approx. 60 minutes of waiting and wondering how, where, when, why I was finally seen by the ER Dr and with kindness and respect..
I was told that many people have it and not to worry because they are always coming up with new meds..I was told to continue the drops but was Rx’d Clindamycin 300MG 4x daily for 10 days. The Dr also recommended Activia when I take the pill then Jamieson Super Strain Acidophilus Probiotic Complex and hour after taking the pill.
I’m feeling ok, my one ear is still a bit tender but 98% improvement. The thing is, I thought maybe once the pills ran their course I’d be cured of MRSA.
Pre MRSA – I’m that freak that doesn’t touch door knobs, light switches, gas pumps, or anything the general public touches. If I do, say for grocery shopping, flying, etc. then I use Lysol wipes. (which I always keep in my purse)
I have absolutely no clue how I got this, perhaps the rock I stepped on accidentally while on the beach in Cuba? It cut the arch of my foot, I only had Lysol wipes to clean it AND it burned like a Moe Foe but healed without incident.
Could it have started from bacteria in the Ocean? Tropical Storm Isaac had just gone thru the Atlantic side of Cuba. I keep racking my brain how/where I contracted MRSA.
After reading many sites re: MRSA, I understand now that I need to be aggressive in combating this.
Since finding out 9 days ago that I have MRSA, I have been doing the following as well as the above mentioned in hopes that something will work.
~ Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol – 60 pumps total daily under tongue 4-5x daily
~ Full Spectrum Body Balance Ionic Minerals & Trace elements – 20 drops daily divided into 6 large glasses of water
~ 1 bud/nub of cannabis steeped in a hot Chai tea with honey and cream (apparently the fatty cream is needed to extract the THC) and No I do not smoke pot and this does not get me high :)
~ daily bath using carbolic soap $2.89 at the Bulk Barn
~ a few tablespoons of raw honey daily
~ clean ears many times daily using Qtip and Hydrogen Peroxide (I also put cotton in my ears after putting in the drops then I put 2-3 cc of 2(HO) on the cotton in my ears)
~ FAITHFULLY take multi-vitamin as well as B 6/12 injections
I will now after reading posts on this forum, clean everything in my house with bleach vs Clean Green products.

Health and beating MRSA to all.

Caroline Casale October 26, 2012 at 8:12 pm

I’m Caroline and i’m not even a teen yet! I has MRSA on my right foot over the summer. I had gotten bitten by some sort of ant, and it swelled up. I had popped the bubble by accident and then went to a local water park where people were jumping into the pools with shoes on! EW! My foot felt just a slight bit sore. About a week later, I was walking with my friends (her dad’s a doctor) and he told me that i should go to a clinic, so I did. then, they stuck a tape thing in my foot, lets just say that my voice hurt more than my foot(ah!) three days later, the clinic called admitting that i had gotten bit by a brown recluse spider, and that it has become MRSA. Later in the week, we went to my pediatrician, and she sent us to the hospital, I was stuck in there for 3 WHOLE days. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG THAT IS FOR A KID?! VERY LONG! now, whenever i get cut, or hurt (i’m accident prone) i have to rub an ointment on it and it hurts! my foot has a VERY large scar on it. it hurts sometimes. i just have a feeling that i”m going to get it again, i dont know…

robert hill November 6, 2012 at 12:57 pm

America and we as people should wake up. One day those of us that have almost any skin problem will learn that most are caused by one parasite or another. There is a large area that is not going to be explained to us. And there are a lot of reason why. When 60% of america have one thing or another we have a very large problem here in this country and the problem is not only here but a world wide. problem.
When one person can have more than 40 different skin invasive parasite you begin to understand the reason why some of what is happening has been cover up. Treatment has been one doctor after another with no answers like so many others.

RM November 21, 2012 at 1:02 am

I am 6.5 years after the MRSA infection and have just been diagnosed with CFS/ME, an umbrella of autoimmune disease, and peripheral neuropathy. Any one else out there have similar long-term side effects from surviving the MRSA? I am aghast…